let’s make whoopie(s)

My best friend is getting hitched! As the date gets closer, the wedding showers and gatherings have begun–and so ran imagination with ideas for treats of all kinds. One of my favorite desserts in the whoopie pie—perfectly round little things with my kind of icing-to-cake ratio that are easy to grab and enjoy, none of that paper peeling nonsense. And how was I supposed to pass up the opportunity to make whoopie pies for my friend’s lingerie shower?? This was my first time facing the challenge of homemade red velvet. Whenever I have had it homemade it is typically a little off in color and flavor from the wonderful (and cheap) box option. I think I lucked out in my search because this was the best cake consistency I’d had the pleasure of enjoying in a long long time. And this icing was a dream in flavor and consistency. I’m sure I claim in every whoopie pie post that ‘this is my new favorite’, and I will say it again now. Whoopie pies whisk me back to ME, honeymooning with my wonderful husband, and I always enjoy sharing them with others because most people here in FL haven’t had the pleasure of a good old, saran wrapped whoopie.

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hello pumpkin!

So any dessert involving cream cheese is sure to top my favorites list, but these delicious whoopie pies take the cake. These are perfect to take you through the tail end of the year, with a lovely pumpkin flavor that makes you want to curl up in a blanket by the fire (though I am not going to pretend for one second that I don’t make these year round). This is my coworkers’ favorite sweet by far and if you decide to try these simple treats you’ll soon see why.

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My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Bar Harbor, Maine, where we had our first taste of cakey, fluffy goodness–the whoopie pie. Being born and raised in FL, neither of us had ever even heard of whoopie pies, but we sure have been hooked ever since. The possibilities are endess–red velvet, pumpkin cream cheese, vanilla, even chocolate dipped if you dare–and one of our favorites, chocolate peanut butter. They are easy as, well…pie and they are sure to disappear before you can say ‘whoopie!’

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