the un-coleslaw



My husband doesn’t like coleslaw. I am not one to go out of my way to stick it on a menu or wrestle my way to the bowl when I see it at a barbecue, but I do eat it and normally enjoy it alright now and then. Recently I’ve been exhausted everyday after work and found this wonderful recipe for slow cooker bbq pork, which meant the lovely crock pot fairy would be cooking dinner instead of me– God bless her! I wanted a fresh, healthy side to go with to keep in light and summery since the pork would be so savory. Coleslaw is a traditional topper of pork sandwiches at bbq places, but since we’re not coleslaw crazy I went a less traditional route. Broccoli slaw, which I’ve seen in stores but never known what it’s for, was the perfect answer. We love broccoli and it was so crisp and fresh, perfect for summer. The big difference was the avoidance of the standard mayo and vinegar that really gives coleslaw its flavor. Instead, I did a light honey-dijon dressing which gave it the coleslaw feel but with a totally different and delicious flavor.  I highly recommend trying out this new twist on a classic summer side dish—it is sure to please everyone, coleslaw lovers and not-so-lovers alike!

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all between the buns

This is the burger you probably made in your teenage years (or yesterday…)  but all dressed up. I know I always liked to throw some Doritos on top of my sandwich when mom wasn’t looking. With chips on top of the burger there’s no need for a side because all you need is between the buns–get it? This is the simplest burger and quick to make with just 5 main ingredients. I won’t lie to you, its a messy beast to eat but I’m not too proud to get my hands dirty for a great tasting burger like this one. Just make sure to bring the napkins. And maybe some watermelon.

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Here, honey!

This isn’t the kind of sandwich your mom sent with you in a brown bag for lunch time. This is a crisp, sweet, creamy, sticky masterpiece; our rendition of a sandwich we first tasted at one of our favorite restaurants, the Gelato Company. It’s low budget, high flavor and is everything you could ask for on a spring or summer day. You might even whip out the old picnic basket.

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