Instant pot favorites

Instant pots are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s good reason why. Pressure cookers have been around for a while, but these sleek new, electronic versions are finding there way into cabinets everywhere. We are a little over a year in, and my poor crock pot has only seen the light of day once since we decided to take the plunge. I was hesitant because I really hate kitchen gadgets and was worried it would just be taking up precious storage space. Surprisingly, I cook meals in ours multiple times a week and am always opting for new IP meals to try overĀ  others because it really does simplify dinner time now that we have two kids. Since this past Christmas, I have been getting so many messages from friends requesting help getting started with their instant pot. I remember how intimidated I was when we first got ours. The first month (or 3) I remember setting the thing and then running out of the kitchen like I’d just pulled the plug on a grenade. I’m not an instant pot pro, but I have tried lots of recipes over the last year and have built a nice little go to collection of recipes I’ve come back to over and over again. With so many requests, I figured the easiest thing to do would be to list them all in one place, so here is a list of all our go-to Instant pot recipes. And promise me, if you try an amazing new IP recipe, you’ll share with me too! Continue reading “Instant pot favorites”