spectacular salmon

So… I never liked salmon. And by that, I mean that I am pretty sure I never even tried salmon until about a year ago under the assumption that I wouldn’t like it. It’s easy enough to avoid. With a swift “Oh, no thanks, I don’t like salmon” a lifetime can fly by (because I am so old ; ) where you have never even taken a bite. I don’t know why, I guess it’s the pink color that reminds me of under cooked chicken. So about a year ago I took the plunge. I like fish. People like salmon. I like most people. And it was good! And I was happy. And I was a little sad for all the times I had turned it away. But I assure you, we have probably made up lost times times two. The best part is that this salmon recipe takes 8 minutes and four ingredients. And to top it off, paired up with whole wheat cous cous and steamed green beans, the entire meal is easily multi-tasked together in 10 minutes (or see the above variation of brussel sprouts and quinoa-brown rice). It’s my new, healthy go-to meal when I hit the 5 o’clock meal panic after work. Enjoy!

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hold the mustard

I like fish. Whether it be a thick cut mahi mahi burger or fish sticks from the freezer. I like the light texture and flakiness of a nice piece of fish, but typically I fold and no matter what the seasoning or style, I reach for the mustard. I don’t know why it is, I think normally the seasoning is good but never enough and I don’t really eat fish for the, uh, fish flavor. That’s why this recipe tops the books for me for delicious fish recipes. The flavor is bold, it was really the most flavorful fish I’ve ever had. I also used thin filets of flounder so the fish to flavoring ratio was right on for me. So much so that I didn’t once reach for the mustard– a first for me. All the butter aside, it is a pretty healthy recipe, especially if paired with rice and edemame as pictured here. I can’t tell you enough—-this recipe will kick you in the mouth with flavor, which is a nice change for me since typically fish winds up…fishy.

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something fishy

This meal was especially chosen so that I could try an ingredient I had been meaning to get around to–bulgur. I read about it in Real Simple’s list of the 30 healthiest foods along with quinoa, and once I had made the latter I was hooked and couldn’t think to deviate from this new wonder food. Bulgur boasts a long list of good-for-you  qualities, including more fiber than brown rice, calcium, potassium, and B vitamins. I thought, why not give it a try? And this recipe is an all in one, pile it all together and bake it kind of recipe, which makes me love it even more. Its simplicity and healthfulness make it a great, light dinner for the start of summer.

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