nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger

The classic combo—salty and sweet—come together again. And how better than in cheesecake form! I have recently been enjoying trying out all the wonderful ways to put a twist on traditional cheesecake. Cream cheese is becoming a consistent stock item in our apartment—in icings and cheesecakes, on crackers and in casseroles. And we love neufch√Ętel cheese, as it tastes the same and has 1/3 the fat. And this recipe is no bake, no stress. Try it out and you’ll find out just how delicious this new twist on an old favorite really can be.

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cheesecake please-cake

This dessert tops my list of decadent cheesecakes. Coffee often makes its way out of our cups and into our sweets around here, lending to many a late night run to Starbucks for yet more Italian Roast via packets. Most people love cheesecake, but this combination of cream cheese, sugar, Bailey’s, Kahlua, and coffee will make you eat two pieces, lean back in your chair, and moan while you ponder where you’re going to put the next piece. The texture is creamy and smooth, with that wonderful bold coffee flavor. An even coating of cocoa powder to top and this baby is ready for the road. I loved this dessert and will definitely make it again.

The excuse for making this goody was my husband’s boss’s birthday, who happens to be a supreme-ninja-black-card-member at Starbucks (yes, I think that is the official name). For fun, I had my husband swirl a dollop of whipped cream in the middle of the cake and stick a tall, dark green candle in the middle in true Starbucks style.

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how do you oreo?

Love at first sight. This recipe was undeniably a must-make as soon as I glimpsed a picture and mumbled in disbelief, “is that an oreo?!” These have it all, a light whipped topping, smooth cheesecake center, and of course a delicious oreo crust. They are easy and impressive, and the cookie is a wonderful surprise. As soon as I turned them upside down to show off the oreo bottom in response to all the “what are these?” you can see it—-the look only an oreo can bring. Don’t we all have childhood memories with these treats? After all, they are ‘milk’s favorite cookie’.

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