let us lettuce

I have to admit that my favorite type of food is asian. I think its the tendency towards sweet, bold flavors and the wonderful taste of perfectly sticky white rice. There is a special place in my heart┬ástomach for a plate of P.F. Changs lettuce wraps–food wrapped in…more food. The crisp crunch of lettuce is so refreshing contrasted against the savory sauce covered meats and veggies. And when I stumbled upon this recipe it took a minute to comprehend—my fancy-night-out, special occasion treat could be made in the comfort of my own home whenever I got the notion? A ground breaking thought, seeing as the nearest P.F. Changs is an hour and forty-five minutes away (lame). Don’t let the list of ingredients intimidate you—there are a few sauces that I know we definitely didn’t have on hand–but I have found them in many recipes and simply avoided making those due to my lack of asian food ingredients in stock. Maybe this recipe will spur you on to expanding your recipe possibilities to other asian delights—or a nice steak (that’d be the hoisen sauce).

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