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My name is Kyra Ketnick, and I live in Gainesville, FL. I was born and raised in FL and moved from Jacksonville to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. I graduated in 2010 and I am currently working in the field of Prosthetics. I still consider myself ‘newly married’ as the stickers are still on our cars, though our year anniversary is just around the corner. My husband Ben is in web design, thus after loading up my facebook with pictures upon pictures of food, we decided a food blog was in order (for sharing as well as being able to avoid scrambling through books and websites to try and remember where that mysterious recipe went). I work, go to school, and then bake for stress relief–though sometimes that comes back to bite me. I hope you enjoy the food that we have enjoyed also, the posts are our favorites and they will hopefully grace your tables a time or two as well.

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