better than bakery buttercream

There is something you need to know. It’s a secret way to make almost any butter cream icing better. It’s the magic little trick that you need to bring your sweets to the next level. And once you know, there’s no turning back. Are you ready?? Are you sure?

Cream cheese.

I don’t care if it’s vanilla, chocolate, cookie butter (yes, this IS an icing flavor and go—make it now), as long as it’s a butter cream it will be better with cream cheese. The magic is, it won’t mess up your recipe and it will improve the texture to help make it creamy and thick. Just 4 ounces of cream cheese isn’t noticeable enough to make it “cream cheese icing”, but adds the extra ‘mmm…’ to keep people wondering.

This is a wonderful vanilla butter cream recipe that is perfect for piping that perfect bakery swirl. It isn’t overly sweet and is easy to adjust for different occasions. Add a little peanut butter, nutella, or cookie butter (yeah, I’m bringing that up again!) in at the end for your own special twist. 

better than bakery buttercream
altered from Martha Stewart

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp
6-8 cups powdered sugar (start with 6 and add more to make it thicker)
½ cup milk
 2 tsp. vanilla extract
 4 ounces (half a block) cream cheese, room temp
  •  Combine butter and cream cheese in a bowl, beating until well combined.
  • Add the vanilla, milk, and 4 cups powdered sugar. Beat until well mixed, scraping down the sides to make sure everything is well incorporated. Continue adding the rest of the sugar one cup at a time until the icing reaches the desired texture.
  • For piping, cut a hole in the corner of a large freezer ziploc bag (these are the sturdy kind). You can either pipe straight from the bag or slip a tip into the corner and tape it into place. A tip is somewhere around a dollar at crafts stores, and as most things go—the bigger the better. Fill the bag with the icing and twist the top of the bag closed where you will hold the bag while you pipe. You may not want to hold a big bag of all the icing at once, so you can spoon a little in at a time and just refill as you use it up. 

2 thoughts on “better than bakery buttercream”

  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing this. Question- about how
    Many cupcakes will this cover? Also, would it be enough to cover an average cake? Thanks!

    1. It is enough to ice 2 dozen cupcakes with big swirls and still have a good amount left over. I think it would easily cover a 2 layer sheet cake or a 2 layer 8″ round cake. Enjoy!

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