you’ll go bananas, you’ll go nuts!

This is amazing. I use the term “ice cream” loosely here–this is a 2 ingredient, 2 step, milk free, delicious frozen treat. And as someone who is allergic to milk and who knows a lot of people who are lactose intolerant, this is awesome. It tastes like a banana split and is actually good for you. Bananas and Nutella. Blended and frozen to perfection. I eat ice cream now and then and don’t worry–this holds up to that bar, too.  It scoops out just like icecream and the texture is pretty similar—a mix between icecream and frozen yogurt. I poured it in a big bowl and just scooped out of it every night until it was gone. I’m not even sure my husband got more than a few scoops by me.  So if you want to try it out, don’t come crying to me. Make your own ; )

Nutella Banana “icecream”

1 cup nutella
6 bananas
  • Blend both ingredients in a blender or food processor.
  • Pour into a large, freezer safe bowl and freeze overnight. I put it in a large tupperware bowl with a lid.

That’s it! Enjoy!

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