you’ll go bananas, you’ll go nuts!

This is amazing. I use the term “ice cream” loosely here–this is a 2 ingredient, 2 step, milk free, delicious frozen treat. And as someone who is allergic to milk and who knows a lot of people who are lactose intolerant, this is awesome. It tastes like a banana split and is actually good for you. Bananas and Nutella. Blended and frozen to perfection. I eat ice cream now and then and don’t worry–this holds up to that bar, too.  It scoops out just like icecream and the texture is pretty similar—a mix between icecream and frozen yogurt. I poured it in a big bowl and just scooped out of it every night until it was gone. I’m not even sure my husband got more than a few scoops by me.  So if you want to try it out, don’t come crying to me. Make your own ; )

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east meets south

No, not the far east….put your chopsticks down and back it up. I saw a picture of this recipe and had to try it. It looked unique and it wasn’t until as I was preparing it that i realized that it was Italian meets Mexican. It’s like a lasagna, but instead of noodles there is tortilla. And there is ricotta, but it is mixed with salsa verde. The flavor is unique and delicious, and it’s so fun to stack the layers. It’s cute to look at, easy to prepare, and unlike any recipe I have ever tried. We loved the flavor and I know this will be a new go-to recipe. Healthy, quick, and delicous. It’s sure to please!

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slow buffalo

I took a trip. A week long work conference in Vegas (I got wild and took a picture in front of a slot machine! lol) and of course what would my poor sweet husband do without me all week long? Who would watch him play video games and eat pizza all night long feed him and make sure he gets to bed okay?? So I perused the wonderful world wide web for an easy slow cooker recipe that screamed out man-meal (yes, okay, there are recipes like that. They usually involve some combination of cheese, bacon, sausage, and as seen here—buffalo sauce never hurts). I was not surprised and secretly excited when I came home to find he’d been eating fruit and vegetables a large pizza for days and I would get to make this recipe myself. I was a little skeptical about lasagna in the slow cooker and also about the idea of mixing buffalo and marinara sauce—are there Italian cowboys?–but bleu cheese and buffalo flavors are one of our favorites and they sure didn’t let us down. I love a good twist on a classic and this was awesome and so tender and thick, cooked to perfection as I walked through the door after a long day which is awesome because lasagna normally involves an hour of pressing your face up against the oven door and watching the cheese slowly bubble for an hour or more. Subtly classic, with a true flavor kick. Try it out and then give your slow cooker a hug!

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