you’ll make these anyway

I can warn you. I can tell you all about staying up through the night. About rushing to the store over and over. How I threw out bowl after bowl of ingredients. It won’t matter. You will see a picture of these cookies, look over the recipe and declare “they look delicious” and “it doesn’t sound that hard”. Just as I did.  I find it highly coincidental that the name of these cookies, titled after a French actress known for her role in Hamlet, includes the word “hard”. Google these cookies and you will find that there is a society of people who have suffered and for the most part survived these cookies, and their attempts to better instruct and therefore save others who may decide to make these cookies. They are wonderfully delicious and quite beautiful little chocolate confections. I still don’t understand where things go wrong, but amazingly they did for me. Over and over, which was an unfortunate waste of ingredients. BUT if you dare, the end product is impressive. My best advice is to follow the recipe down to the commas and may you be blessed with a successful first attempt. Good Luck!

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My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Bar Harbor, Maine, where we had our first taste of cakey, fluffy goodness–the whoopie pie. Being born and raised in FL, neither of us had ever even heard of whoopie pies, but we sure have been hooked ever since. The possibilities are endess–red velvet, pumpkin cream cheese, vanilla, even chocolate dipped if you dare–and one of our favorites, chocolate peanut butter. They are easy as, well…pie and they are sure to disappear before you can say ‘whoopie!’

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